The Last Day of the First Month of 2016


We are already into 30 days of the new year!
And wow, so much has happened in these 30 days!!

At the start of the year itself, I volunteered in the refreshment committee for the NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council) Peer team visit. I was also there in the placement cell as a coordinator.

Let me tell you, first and foremost, that it has been ingrained into me that bunking important classes is a no-no. I have never bunked any classes to go to competitions.....So this was a big thing for me. But I am so so glad I just took some courage and did it. Yes, I did miss my classes but I gained so much more experiences and made new friends! And had a wonderful time!

It may seem like a small thing to you who is reading this, but to me it is such a treasure.

I am not good with people. I am not the open type, where I just meet someone and start talking like a non-stop express train. BUT, I do that once I get to know a person. And if we sync, then I will literally be an over-excited seal when I meet you. Believe me, or my friends themselves will tell you. *laughs*

Anyhoo, I met new people and made memories and I love them all so much and I miss them all so much, it is frustrating sometimes. I want another event to happen so that we can all come together and have fun!

So that is one important thing that happened.

And I also learned two very important lessons this month.

Number 1: Forgiveness is HARD.

We've all heard the saying 'Forgive and Forget'. But, let me throw some bricks at the person who said that because, excuse me Sir!, you did not mention how hard it is!
I want to forgive the people who made me angry, who made me sad and ruined my whole day. But, I can't seem to let the thing go. It is even more hard when the person whom you are supposed to forgive is someone you love so much and hold them close to your heart.
I also know that it is useless to keep all the anger and energy within me! Because I am the only one who is affected. Generally speaking,those senseless blabbering idiots don't even know what they've done wrong to make us angry and we, like buffoons sit with our anger and don't move on at all.
At the end, it's our loss.
Gahhh, it is so frustrating!

I am working on it.

Number 2: I am overly-sensitive.

Bwahahahaha, I guess this is the reason for the first lesson? which I am not able to sink into!
Yes, I never realized until recently that I take little matters into my heart (not literally of course because that would kill me, probably).
The little things where a friend doesn't talk to you properly or doesn't smile at you, or ignores you for a moment, or my parents argue (which parent does not do that!), or they screw me for no reason... Little things (1D reference :P :P) like that. I think too much about it and become sad and moody and stop concentrating on important things.

*Sighhh* I have got to stop doing this. *mentally noting...*

Also, it takes 66 days for your mind to wire into a new habit.
Did you know that?


Lots of love.
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

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