It has been a long time huh? I have been super busy finishing my last semester of Masters here in Mysuru. I can't wait to go back to my Bengaluru.
A lot has happened over the past year and a half. After coming out of my house, I saw and experienced so many things, which were very crucial to me. I am proud to say that I have come a long way..

This time, I want to talk about this couple I know. I won't tell you who they are, but I will tell their story. I know that it is not my place to say it, but I want to do it as a form of gratitude.

I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for them. If not for them, it would have been so hard to live in Mysuru. They've taken care of me when I was sick, they've fed me warm and delicious food, they've silently wrapped me with love and I am so grateful for them.

So, there's this couple.
All they have is each other.
They spend their days idly, reading and watching television, attending ceremonies and finding comfort in prayers.
All the while, holding onto their only hope, their son.

Their son, who is the apple of their eyes, their jewel.
Their son, who is away living his life.

They reminisce all the wonderful moments of their son's life.
They look through albums, and brag about their son to me.
They clean the dust-filled shelves crammed with all the prizes and medals of their beloved child.
All the while, waiting silently, for their son.

Their son, who is all they have.
Their son, who is away living his life.

They have worked so hard, to provide the best life for their son.
They have searched long and hard.
And they have married their son to a smart lady.
They breathe a sigh of mixed emotions - relief and grief.
All the while, loving their son.

Their one and only boy.
Their son, who is away living his life.

They wait, patiently, every day.
They wait for their son.

Now, there are people in this world who also bad-mouth them, because obviously you cannot please everyone. These people say mean things. They say that they are stupid, and rude and cunning.
They tell that the mother is boisterous and loud and she doesn't care for her husband. Blah blah blah...

But, do you see what I see?
Can you?

I see this couple, who have worked so hard to bring up their child in this world, who have gone through hell to provide for him, and who are now left alone.
I see this couple who patiently wait for their son to come home.
I see this couple who pine for their son's love. Son and daughter-in-law...
I see this couple who are waiting and waiting......without complaining.....

It hurts to know that even in this day and age, there are people who leave their parents.

Maybe it's all a dream.
Maybe it's all an illusion.
Maybe it's just me.

Thank you.
The weight these words hold, you don't know.


Disclaimer - I am writing about Android phones. I have no idea about iPhone, except that it also has 'Find my iPhone' app in it.

So what do you do when you lose your phone?

If this is your first time losing it, then you better hurry.

AND it will really help if you've turned on the location and internet in your phone. Trust me. It will be worth it.
If you have not, then please say goodbye to your phone. I'm sorry for your loss.

By sheer luck (I don't know what else to call it) if you have turned on the location and the internet, then  -

1. Borrow your friend's phone and install the app 'Find My Device' from Play Store.

2. Sign in as a guest by entering your email address. The app will locate your phone.

3. If you have just misplaced it or dropped it nearby, you can hurry and reach your device. But, if someone has stolen it (yes, there are people who still steal mobile phones. It is 2018 and apparently this has nothing to do with people's attitudes) you can clearly track their movement.

4. Get on a vehicle if possible, (I mean available? and if the thief is moving) and take a strong person with you; your brother or father or fighter friend (#nosexism). And then catch that bastard of a thief and beat the thrash out of him and get your phone back.

5. If you can't catch the thief, on your own, then please give up and say goodbye to your phone. But the ordeal is still not yet over.

6. Apparently you have to file a complaint online via a website, a citizen centric portal (And this website is specifically for Karnataka, so if you are from a different state, please find the appropriate website). The complaint is so that if someone uses your phone for malpractice (supari, murder or booty call maybe) the blame is not placed on you, the owner.
AND please file the complaint using Mozilla Firefox browser. It works only in this browser and NOT Chrome.

You should create an account first for which you will need your Aadhar card number. And after you login, you can click on file a complaint for mobile loss.
You need to have your IMEI numbers ready. It will be present in the phone box. Remember the box in which your precious phone came? Yup, that box is pretty important. If your mom threw it out thinking it as trash, then I don't know. God help you. But, if you have kept the starter guide and all the 'how to use your phone' pamphlets, it will be present on them.
There are two numbers - one for your phone model and one for your battery. Two IMEI numbers.

Oh please. Don't even get your hopes up thinking they'll do something about it. LOL. They'll register your complaint today and close it the next day. You really think the police have time for this? Come on! They are pretty busy loading off on cash from politicians. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean solving complex cases. They don't have time for minor things as theft. Pfft.

7. You should call your sim operator/s and block your phone number/s (Dual SIM cases) so that the bloody thief doesn't use them.
And if you still want the same numbers, then you should take a printout of the complaint filed and take it to your operator so that they can unblock your number/s.

8. After all this, you can probably hold a small ceremony for your phone and cry your eyes out. JK. I am sorry for your loss.

Just bury the thing with all your feelings. And keep on cursing the bastard who took your phone. Oh wait, that doesn't help. Curse the bastard now and then, when you remember your old phone.

10 Reasons why I am the Right girlfriend for Charlie Puth

Haha that's a mouthful!

How are you today?

Well, I came back from a trip across South India and I have been taking some downtime.
And obsessing over Charlie Puth's music.

*sighs* Charlie Puth. C h a r l i e  P u t h.
What? Where am I?

Real talk though, I have been watching his interviews these past few days and I am just dumbfounded. He is genuine and such an amazing person!
Not that I know him, but from what I've seen (like everybody else) I feel he's very down-to-earth and humble.

So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why I would be the right girlfriend for Charlie Puth.

  1. I LOVE HIM. Duh, what more is needed? *rofl*
  2. I could listen to him talk about music and production all day. No complaints there. Even him telling about the pitch every random sound makes is fine by me.
  3. I have learnt music pretty much my whole life. (Even though it is Carnatic Classical) So I think we would have very interesting conversations.
  4. I would have a mentor if I ever go wrong in pitch. *lol*  And I am all for it.
  5. I am bad dancer too, so we would both be rigid on the dance floor and laugh our asses off.
  6. Charlie says he's shy and I am very loud (conditions apply), so we would make a great combination. Also, sense of humor is something we have in common too.
  7. I would get his mother's permission. (OMG this should be the first point!! And I had a dream about it so there's a valid reason for this! you don't wanna know)
  8. I would love to break down songs together with him, exchange ideas and thoughts about the music.
  9. I would respect his privacy. And would take him out where he could walk around normally like everyone else. *brainstorms places*
  10. I would understand and accept his flaws.

And many many more......


All jokes aside, I really love the guy (even though there's so much I don't know about him - let us not even go into that dark corner) and I'm gonna work hard so that I can meet him one day.

And so, Congratulations on the new single "How long has this been going on?" :) :)
Wishing you all the success and happiness baby.
Looking forward to your new album.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happpieeee

Yours truly,

Vivacious Inspirit.


Inspired by the chocolate 'kisses' and the amazing novel 'November 9' by Colleen Hoover.


  • A sweet kiss
  • A soft kiss
  • A funny kiss
  • A cute kiss
  • A grumpy kiss
  • A delightful kiss
  • A tender kiss
  • An affectionate kiss
  • A true kiss
  • A yummy kiss
  • A mesmerizing kiss
  • A jealous kiss
  • A passionate kiss
  • A deep kiss
  • An intense kiss
  • A longing kiss
  • A sexy kiss
  • A moaning kiss
  • A hungry kiss
  • A sinful kiss
  • A hot kiss
  • A kiss that leaves you breathless
  • A kiss that begs for more
  • A kiss that leaves you weak in the knees
  • A ''butterflies-in-my-tummy'' kiss
  • A kiss that brings goosebumps
  • A ''book-worthy'' kiss (November 9 reference)
  • An 'I love you' kiss
  • A 'welcome back' kiss
  • A 'goodbye' kiss
  • A kiss to be remembered
  • A kiss that says it all
  • A kiss worth waiting for

Start kissing!!!! *woohoooo*

Stay Healthy, Stay Happieee


Vivacious Inspirit

P.S. - The above written sentences are all out of my brain alone....Except the ''book-worthy'' kiss. But feel free to use them in your sentences because why not? They're all adjectives.



It has been long. I am still writing about my trip so that I can post my experiences. I will definitely post them so please wait for it a bit more.

But, this is necessary. For me. For some of my closest friends. This post is dedicated to 'INFINITE' and my 'INSPIRIT' friends.

I started this morning with a negative thought. I started it by procrastinating. I was supposed to enter a competition and I had not even prepared.
Haha I am rambling nonsense.

But then, I saw a news statement which shocked me. And I didn't realize the magnitude of it until now.

By now, most of you who know me definitely know that I love a k-pop band called 'Infinite' with all my heart. I've even mentioned them so many times in my posts.
I came across this band when I was randomly seeing K-pop music videos. I really liked their music and I looked them up. And gradually I came to love them. I found out that they are genuine, they are happy, cheerful people who have worked like shit to come this far. They are a team of seven members, brothers who are all different in their personalities (obviously) and who are quirky but combined, they are inspirit, they are infinite.

I met people who also loved this band. They literally found me online and we all freaked out because we thought nobody in India even listened to k-pop, that too Infinite! (Well, they are the losers in that aspect because they've missed out on something magical)
And gradually our tiny group of 5 expanded with so many members from all over Asia, and we all bonded over this one single thing that connected us.

As the earliest group member, I have seen and been a part of so many conversations with my inspirit friends. We have had wonderful conversations, not only about our love for Infinite, but a variety of topics - world problems, Indian politics, geography, you name it...we've discussed it....and every conversation ended coming back to how grateful we always are that we met because of them. And how amazing it is that such a group of seven wonderful humans exist in our timeline.

We always talked about how Infinite would always be together. We were always secretly, so proud that our seven boys would never do something like disband or leave the group to pursue a different path. Even when we heard about other k-pop bands coming apart, when we discussed about them, we were so proud that we had Infinite - a solid rock - that would break all the rules and show to the world that they can stay together. And they will.

But, our solid rock......just crumbled to the ground.

We got the news that one member of Infinite, Lee Howon, Hoya, is respectfully leaving the group to pursue a different path.
You see, they had a contract renewal with their company and it seems that talks were going on whether they would continue the contract or not.
And..........and.........and yeah, so he's leaving the group and everybody else has signed the contract renewal.

And so, our lives are at a stand still. We are numb. I am numb. My heart is in pain. My throat hurts.
I've never even attended their concert. It was my dream to see them on stage, performing. to see all of them, seven of them.
I can never do that. I can never experience that.
Oh My God. I can never see them on a stage together.
Oh my god........oh my god..........
No way. No way.

*Deep breath*
So yeah, this is a big deal to me, to all of us.

And even though we will never get over this, and we will probably, randomly cry whenever we see or hear anything that remotely reminds us of this (which is everything), we all know that it is their choice.
It is their choice. Because it is their life.
They are seven different people who all have things they want to do; dreams to pursue, just like us.
We can only support them in whatever they do because that is what being a fan is. You can only just stand far and cheer them and support them.
So we will do what we are best at. We will support them. Because they need it, now more than ever.
They need it now, more than ever.
And if people leave, it only shows that they don't have respect for Infinite's decision.
Just like the quote which says "Hard times will always reveal true friends" or "It is during the worst times in your life that you will get to see the true colours of the people who say they care for you".....
The quote says it all.

And now, I am even more proud that Hoya chose to leave the group respectfully; after discussing it with the other members. There was no drama or bad incident which led to this. It was a mutual conclusion. WE thought that our boys would be an example in an industry where there are groups disbanding left and right. They are an example even now.........but in a different way.
I am still proud to be a part of this wonderful fandom.

We will get through this together. Even if we can't, we'll try as hell. We've come so far and been through so much guys, so we'll get through this too. Together. 함께

But now, I will cry. I will listen to all the songs about togetherness and Thank yous Infinite has ever sung and I will cry until I'm dehydrated and then I'll drink some water and cry some more.
Because I'll never see them on the stage together again.

Credits to the original owners of these awesome pictures. *cries*

Thank you INFINITE for all the wonderful things you've given me.
I am forever grateful. So so grateful.


Hello, It has been a long time huh? I have been super busy finishing my last semester of Masters here in Mysuru. I can't wait to go b...