The most important lesson that needs to be taught in schools

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As someone who enjoys anime and manga, I had never watched Naruto, until recently. I remember watching the show's ads when I was a kid and I'd heard about the show, but I never watched it partly because it's long and they have prolonged it by including many repeated scenes. Due to the lockdown, I had the time I needed and so, I watched the show.

In simple terms, Naruto revolves around the story of a boy (named Naruto) in a small village who is shunned by everyone because he harbors a beast inside him. The story starts off small and gets interesting later where the plot expands (obviously). It's a story where villains have more fans than heroes and every character has something to teach you.

What I love most about Naruto —the series and the boy himself— is his unwavering belief in himself. While the author tries to paint him as a stupid kid who is stubborn, I feel that Naruto has one of the most important traits that so many kids don't have these days: self-belief.

There are dialogues and hefty lines because let's face it, it's a story. But, if you break it down to the bare minimum, you're left with this: Naruto always, always believes in himself. Even when he's hated by his own people and he's so lonely because he doesn't have a family or friends, he never feels sorry for himself or never doubts himself. 

Of course, he feels sad and he cries to express his emotions, but even at his lowest point, he never stops believing in himself. That unwavering belief always baffles me. I think it is something we all need to learn.

There's also a fine line between that self-belief and plain ego. We are so blind that we see egoistic people as those with a lot of self-belief, which is far from the truth. Egotistical people are hollow husks. Only with a lot of reflection and awareness does self-belief arise. That along with hard work, because nothing beats hard work.

YouTube Self-Help Recommendations

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As an avid YouTube watcher, I've consumed YouTube for years and have come across many channels with different types of content. Amongst them, self-help was one of the top content I watched. Here are some really great YouTubers who create fantastic content related to self-development, creativity, productivity, and the whole how-to-live-your-life umbrella. 


I came across Aileen Xu's channel when I was looking for inspiration and motivation to build my journaling habit. Aileen is aesthetic, chic, graceful, and beautiful. Her content is all about personal growth and designing a life that you love. Aileen also hosts a podcast called 'The Lavendaire Lifestyle' where she interviews other creators, authors, and life coaches. I believe the strength of a podcast, especially one where you interview someone, depends on the type of questions the host asks, and Aileen always has great insightful questions for her guests. It's a delight to just listen to her voice!

Aileen Xu (Credits to original owner)


As you already know, YouTube gives recommendations based on your watch history which is how I came across Michelle Barnes's channel 'MuchelleB.' Her videos are so on point, in-depth, and provide a whole lot of information on intentional living, self-discovery, and minimalism. Michelle not only talks about her life experiences but also how she's used the knowledge from self-help books in her own life. Her videos are packed with mind-blowing information that'll get the bolts in your brain turning.

Michelle Barnes (Credits to original owner)

Rowena Tsai

As a co-host of the skincare, beauty, and wellness channel 'Beauty Within,' Rowena Tsai started her channel (named simply after herself) in hopes of encouraging others to take a look at their own lives and see if they're living the life they want to live. First of all, I love her. I love every person on this list, but Tsai is just awesome. She's humble, classy, kind, and down-to-earth. She genuinely talks about her life experiences and how she's changed her life from being a "wild child" to a grounded, self-reflective, meditative individual. Her content is soothing, Real with a capital R, and binge-worthy.

Rowena Tsai (Credits to original owner)

Thomas Frank

I was looking for a more productivity-centered YouTube channel when I came across Thomas Frank. The dude is just freaking cool! He has notched up his videos to another level (that's how long I've been following his channel) and his content is just amazeballs. My reading list has significantly increased because of his recommendations and all of his videos share genuine productivity hacks, reading strategies, and note-taking methods. His video on technology affecting our mindsets is a must-watch. Frank also hosts a podcast called College Info Geek where he and his friend Martin talk about study tips, hacks, and habits.

Thomas Frank (Credits to original owner)

Matt D'Avella

I stumbled on one of Matt D'Avella's videos while I was knee-deep in self-help content, and was reluctant to expand to newer YouTubers. D'Avella just blew my mind with his videos! Obviously, he's a filmmaker and has created the documentary on 'Minimalism' available on Netflix, so it should come as no surprise that his videos are top-notch. Along with his breathtaking videos, his content is creative, minimal, and informative.

Matt D'Avella (Credits to original owner)

Nathaniel Drew

Drew's channel is a fairly new one I'm watching, but it's so profound, I had to include it here. Not to be the person who compares, but I find a lot of similarities between Drew's and Matt D'Avella's videos. For example, the aesthetic, some video shots, and content. Even so, each individual is unique and Drew's videos are really thoughtful and packed with insights. True to his description, he talks about mental clarity and living an intentional life in the 21st century.

Nathaniel Drew (Credits to original owner)

There you have it! Six amazing YouTubers who can guide you on how to live your life intentionally, and give you productivity and creativity tips in their 10-12 minute videos. During these uncertain and anxious times, I hope one of their videos helps calm you down and self-reflect!

Life Lessons: I met a boy

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I hope you are doing well, my reader.
Thank you for waiting for me so patiently.

My previous post sounded very puzzly and confusing. And I'm here... after a while, to write about that and maybe other things.

I met a boy.
It's not what you think. I'm not here to tell an airy-fairy, haha-I'm-in-love kinda crappy story.
This is my blog, my space and I want to be truthful. I don't want to lie by masking the gender so... yes, I did meet a boy.
Sometimes, life just throws a person at you, just to give you a perspective. Or to teach you a hard lesson. That's what this post is about. Life lessons.

We became good friends. We had nothing in common except the fact that he read books. I held him in high esteem on the sole fact that he's a reader. That was my first mistake. I thought that we'd be lifelong friends. I even had grand dreams of meeting his friends, getting along, laughing and having a great time. My second mistake: expectations. Along the way, I became totally blind to the boundary between a friendship and a relationship because of my expectations. My third mistake. He admonished me for not knowing their boundaries.
To this day, I don't have an explanation as to why I behaved that way.

I can easily say that I was not wrong at all, that he was the wrong one, he didn't want to be friends, he just wanted a fling, that towards the end, I was verbally abused with: 'why are you like this?' 'what's wrong with you?' 'why do you always talk about the past?' and so many more... to the point where I was scared to even have a conversation. I'd hesitate before every message. (Oh, that's the other thing. We're in the 21st century where people don't believe in calling and talking. "No calls. Only messages." Messages, where you can read one line in a million different ways depending on your mood and take its meaning in a completely different context than what the sender meant.

I'm not gonna say all those things though. I'm not gonna blame myself or him. Right or wrong is a broad term, dependent on the individual. Certain situations don't have an explanation and definitely don't need to be given a second thought. But, I learned an important lesson: self-reflection.

The saddest part was that I listened to a complete stranger instead of my inner voice. At one point, I believed there was something wrong with me for expecting genuine friendship. I believed I was childish to write blog posts like this talking about my life on the internet (as if there are hordes of people reading my blog.) I asked myself the same 'why am I like this?' and went crazy when I couldn't come up with an answer.

In a way, this incident blocked me from writing here.
No more.

This is my answer to your questions:

Nothing is wrong with me. I'm a straight-forward person who hates liars. A people-pleaser through and through which has led me to deep shit (like the fact that I adjust to others' needs more than my own). I'm sensitive to the point where I cry listening to an emotional song. I'm stubborn and ambitious. I love collecting memorabilia. I'm loyal AF. I don't let go of my people. I'm attracted to genuine souls.

I'm learning to understand myself, learning to be brave, confident and strong. I'm learning to be comfortable in my own space and not ask for permission.

I should've realized that your outbursts were just a reflection of who you were. I should've realized they had nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. And I'm sorry I couldn't be of any help to you. Friends don't let friends drown. Also, communication goes both ways.

Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson.

Imagine a bowler hitting a perfect strike or a water-filled clay pot shattering... these imageries come to mind whenever I think back on this incident.

I'm rebuilding the clay pot, filling it with mud and planting flowers. The bowling pins are back on the stack, stronger than before.

I will post regularly from now on.

Thank you.





It's been a while.

This whole post is going to sound like a puzzle or maybe just stupid. But it is what it is.

The past few weeks have been a revelation. Haha. Revelation (noun) - a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.

Ironic that I chose that word.

I have been tested like never before. I pushed my boundaries and made leaps, some foolish ones. Okay, most of them were foolish. Every aspect of myself has been challenged and it has left me feeling empty. I thought I hated drama, but I have learned that I am very dramatic. I feel like I don't even know who I am.

So, I am going to explore. I am going to question every thought and filter everything that comes into my life. I will go back to certain memories (which are not going to be that reliable) and look at them differently and I will revisit what I put into my head when I was a child.

And therefore, I have even questioned why I started this blog in the first place. And whether I should continue it. I don't know if I'm being too open about personal stuff or if I'm just blabbering random crap. I need to decide on what I want to do with this blog.
Plus, I have to read a lot more science and stay up-to-date.

Until then,

I will be taking a hiatus.

Thank you for your time.




New Year, New Day, Same old me. lol
It's been one month already. Guess some things never change. 😂😂
(Nah. Not gonna say that.)

So, I hope you all have been having a wonderful start to the new year. I did have an amazing start. Got to spend some time with my brother at California and then it snowed in Boston! Classes started! And it's already February. I'm sorry, what!? *looks around* Arey! Somebody break this stupid time! so that it'll go slow!!

Dragging myself back to the point, it's time for a review of 2018. You see, I tried writing it down but that never happened. Some things just flow when you're on a blogging page. (says this dumbass)

Twenty Eighteen.
The year of so many events. It taught me many things, even till the end of December 31st.
The year of learning. Of utter bitterness and overwhelming feelings.
The year of changes. It was totally opposite than 'consistency' which was my word of the year. But it's okay. It was a year of many things, so I'm fine with that.

As usual, my year started with Infinite. Listening to their songs, discussing their new album. I started my final year project and things became hectic. But we had so much fun! My buddy lost her phone! And we literally chased the f**king thief on my scooty! The complete opposite of fun, I tell you. I met a few TeamSuper mates and it was hilarious! I literally went crazy applying for universities!

And had almost given up hope, when I got the offer letter from Boston University. I had called my brother the next freaking second and then my parents! That day was surreal. I had achieved my number one goal for the year! Getting admitted to a university in the U.S.!

Then the last semester of Masters. The final day in Mysuru!
And then shifting back home and cleaning my room for three days straight. Going back for laboratory practicals and then coming back reading books.
The two whole months of free time where I read as many books as I could. And traveled to Chennai for my visa interview and had a whole lot of fun with my buddy.

I also hosted a going-away party to bring all of my favorite people at one place, which was an awesome day! Even though some of my best peeps didn't turn up, it turned out to be a wonderful time.

And then, I flew 7124 miles from India to Boston! And you know the rest. I told you all about it in the previous post!

But, I should tell you about the ''Behind The Scenes". What was happening on the other side.

The entire year went downhill. I feel like I lost my confidence as the year progressed. My thinking turned negative unknowingly. I slowly fell into a deep dark pit of despair. I learned that I am a coward. A big, fat coward who hides behind the pretense of 'not knowing anything'. And that I also criticize myself. You see what I did there? Exactly.

These thoughts were so self-crippling. And being on social media and receiving a whole load of information every day did not help. I tried so hard to come out of that pit. I'm still trying to come out of it.
But I have also learned so many things about myself and the people around me. It has been a real eye-opener. There is a whole different world out here where people are more open-minded and welcome you with open arms. There are people who understand you and appreciate you instead of making fun of you; who genuinely want to know about you; who work hard; who f**king make plans and keep up to them. Organized people. Knowledgeable people. People who are confident and smart and mean what they say. People who don't judge. People who don't talk behind your back.

I am grateful for having this opportunity to meet them. I am grateful for twenty eighteen.
Here's to you boi, for an eye-opening helluva year.
And 2019 - another year of learning, growing and CLIMBING.

The most important lesson that needs to be taught in schools

Photo by Andy Montes de Oca on Unsplash As someone who enjoys anime and manga, I had never watched Naruto, until recently. I remember watch...