Now that everything is finalized, I can say without hesitation that I'll be moving to Boston this month, to pursue my Masters' in Science Journalism!

Background: *screams* woohooooo

Therefore, I started writing a list of the things I would have to take. I researched and found no proper packing list which was suitable for students (especially) who are moving to another country. And then it flashed - what if I make a packing list and put it in my blog? *pats self*

So, here it is!
I wracked my brain and wrote this list which includes stuff for both men and women (mostly women, I must say).
Feel free to download it or take a printout and check off the things you have taken.

Hope it helps!

A couple of things before I sign off -

1) I am a stationery freak, so I included that section. Please ignore it if you don't intend to take any. But I must say that it is better to take the basic stuff, because stationery will obviously be expensive where you're going.

2) Coming to the kitchenware, I heard that they do not allow pressure cookers now (not really sure). And of course, all the Indian Stores will have all the utensils and even the sambhar/rasam powders (again, it's my hunch. It all depends on the country you're going to. USA - yes, they do have it, but it's better to be prepared).

3) It may seem far-fetched but trust me, you'll need it. And also make sure your suitcase is not over 23 kilograms!

Have fun packing!!

Stay Healthy and Happiee,


Vivacious Inspirit.

UPDATE - The Hell! I forgot to add the most important thing! Sanitary napkins! Shit! *runs to the list*

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