Disclaimer - I am writing about Android phones. I have no idea about iPhone, except that it also has 'Find my iPhone' app in it.

So what do you do when you lose your phone?

If this is your first time losing it, then you better hurry.

AND it will really help if you've turned on the location and internet in your phone. Trust me. It will be worth it.
If you have not, then please say goodbye to your phone. I'm sorry for your loss.

By sheer luck (I don't know what else to call it) if you have turned on the location and the internet, then  -

1. Borrow your friend's phone and install the app 'Find My Device' from Play Store.

2. Sign in as a guest by entering your email address. The app will locate your phone.

3. If you have just misplaced it or dropped it nearby, you can hurry and reach your device. But, if someone has stolen it (yes, there are people who still steal mobile phones. It is 2018 and apparently this has nothing to do with people's attitudes) you can clearly track their movement.

4. Get on a vehicle if possible, (I mean available? and if the thief is moving) and take a strong person with you; your brother or father or fighter friend (#nosexism). And then catch that bastard of a thief and beat the thrash out of him and get your phone back.

5. If you can't catch the thief, on your own, then please give up and say goodbye to your phone. But the ordeal is still not yet over.

6. Apparently you have to file a complaint online via a website, a citizen centric portal (And this website is specifically for Karnataka, so if you are from a different state, please find the appropriate website). The complaint is so that if someone uses your phone for malpractice (supari, murder or booty call maybe) the blame is not placed on you, the owner.
AND please file the complaint using Mozilla Firefox browser. It works only in this browser and NOT Chrome.

You should create an account first for which you will need your Aadhar card number. And after you login, you can click on file a complaint for mobile loss.
You need to have your IMEI numbers ready. It will be present in the phone box. Remember the box in which your precious phone came? Yup, that box is pretty important. If your mom threw it out thinking it as trash, then I don't know. God help you. But, if you have kept the starter guide and all the 'how to use your phone' pamphlets, it will be present on them.
There are two numbers - one for your phone model and one for your battery. Two IMEI numbers.

Oh please. Don't even get your hopes up thinking they'll do something about it. LOL. They'll register your complaint today and close it the next day. You really think the police have time for this? Come on! They are pretty busy loading off on cash from politicians. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean solving complex cases. They don't have time for minor things as theft. Pfft.

7. You should call your sim operator/s and block your phone number/s (Dual SIM cases) so that the bloody thief doesn't use them.
And if you still want the same numbers, then you should take a printout of the complaint filed and take it to your operator so that they can unblock your number/s.

8. After all this, you can probably hold a small ceremony for your phone and cry your eyes out. JK. I am sorry for your loss.

Just bury the thing with all your feelings. And keep on cursing the bastard who took your phone. Oh wait, that doesn't help. Curse the bastard now and then, when you remember your old phone.



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