Little Things


I am sorry for not publishing a post yesterday. It sounds like an excuse but it's not, because I was really tired and had a very irritating cold (couldn't stop sneezing like a banshee). :D
But I am alright now and so here I am!

Today was a good day.... As usual......but I couldn't attend first two classes because I am the coordinator for inter-class competitions and had to sit at the stage to take down names for the competitions....
It was really fun! I was able to meet other students of my college..... People I normally see but don't speak to them. There are so many different types of people! So many beautiful, confident people!

Then, I was half-asleep in the classes (bwahahaha) and we had a lecture by a very distinguished Professor, on 'Chemistry for Entrepreneurship'. It was very informative.

So here I am, to tell you that I realized something today. I saw a beautiful sunset when I was on the terrace... So beautiful! Even though I couldn't see the complete view (obstructed by buildings of course) but the sky was just a hue of colors! So pretty! There was orange, pink and a hint of yellow, with blues and violets and awesomeness!
It got me thinking, does everybody look up to the sky at least once in their day?? Do you look up to the sky and just soak in the color?? That brilliant bright beautiful blue! Sometimes, you can see a patchwork of bright white clouds which look like little cottons stuck there in the sky... So peaceful it makes you smile!
Or do you just see somebody helping a stranger? Or you yourself help a stranger? Or you say Thank you to a stranger and they give you a warm smile... Or somebody gives you flowers (this happens very rarely, because of this stupid society which has this stereotypical thinking that receiving flowers is like receiving a proposal...BS) or your friend gives you a big warm hug....Or you laugh along with your friends/coworkers about something... Your words line up and you hi-fi!

There are so many little things that happen day to day that we completely forget to see!! We don't take the time to notice them or  even pay attention to them! We spend all our energy focusing on the negativity and the hurtful things and stress-out and put ourselves down..... And at the end of the day we are completely exhausted and......

 we never look up at the sky! (lol, sorry had to make that point)

No, seriously speaking, please be positive! You can do it! Try to look at the little things that happen around you....everyday... Maybe when you are going to work or in a bus or in a bike... Just watch... There is so much to see...
You will notice the antiques of some bike riders, the hilarity of people talking to their Bluetooth, or shouting to their phones, people singing along songs (yes, yes people, that will be me!)or people scratching their butts, or you may exchange looks with a stranger and a mutual smile, which will make your day better! A baby smiling too...Isn't that amazing!?

Please notice these little things.... the happy things....because they will add up to make your ife wonderful... Aren't your days your life in miniature?...
Try to make the best of it!!

Lots of Love,
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I do it in many time, I like to observe people around me and it make me happy, like we can see their nervous or happy smile or hear their laugh and else, it really feels nice and give me peace feels



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