You are in a Trance

How are you? hehehe... Look at me, making small talk to cover up the fact that I am posting something late again!
I have so many topics in my mind to post about, but it just evaporates....Maybe I should write it down somewhere so that I can remember it. Yup, lemme do that...

Soo... I have a bike. A Yamaha Ray Z, which I ride to college everyday. And even when I am in a hurry I always....observe my fellow riders and drivers, because obviously I have to look out for theirs and my safety!! Also, my bike's indicator has a sound, so know...the sound will help me remember I have put on the indicator and I should turn it off. Now, you know the sound of an indicator....It's loud enough to wake up someone sleeping. (lol)

This incident happened a while back but it left a really deep impression on me. As always I'm rushing to college....on my bike...speeding past and over taking slow ( and sorry to say) stupid drivers/riders.... and then I hear the sound of the indicator.
I cannot forget the fact that I checked MY indicator once, twice, more than three times!!! I even thought something is wrong with my bike! I mean. I'm riding and I hear the sound along with me...Obviously the Doppler Effect is not working here!!!
I was about to stop my bike and check if everything is alright, cos I didn't want heads to turn because of the stupid indicator sound, imagine that!! You're riding and there's that "keee keee" sound following you..... Guhhh....
But then, I saw another biker with his indicator on, happily riding past me...THEN, I realised that it was HIS bike and NOT mine....
Anyway...we're on the same road...And the person is not taking a turn anywhere so obviously! I can hear the sound!!!

My point is!, 1. the reason you have an indicator is so that you can indicate if you're taking a turn. 2. the reason for the SOUND is for you to remember that you have the indicator ON!
I was completely stunned for a moment! I mean, HOW much do you have on your mind, that you cannot even HEAR your OWN bike's indicator?? Seriously???!!!!
Okay, forget about the sound. What about the fact that you can see the indicator light flick on the speedometer??? DO NOT tell me that you won't glance through your speedometer when you're riding!!??? Is everything all right with your eyes?? We have 180 degree vision. So, I know for a fact that you CAN see the light flick peripherally, even if you don't look down at the speedometer.
Let's say that the man who was riding was deaf...Maybe he couldn't hear the indicator...But he could see his speedometer right??

Coming back to my main point, we are all so so busy thinking about the future, the past, about things that don't matter at all....That we even forget that our indicators are on, that our headlights are on (don't even get me started on this, everyday I see atleast one bike with a headlight on, in broad daylight)...That our phones are ringing, that we're riding in the completely opposite direction....

Please don't tell me that you are too busy to concentrate on one thing at a time! The world has become so accustomed to technology that we multi-task and think it's a big "achievement" whereas it is not! Look back at the things you did by multi-tasking and I guarantee you that none of them would have been done to your would look incomplete. And it would be.
I know some of you may say, "what do you know about work? and responsibility? raising a family?....etc."
Yes, I don't, but I DO know that loving your work is really the most important thing work your whole life and if you don't love your job, then you're wasting precious years of your life!!

We are all in a trance! Busy being busy...
"Busy" is just an excuse... Shouldn't we really wake up from the trance and pursue our dreams and goals?? Shouldn't we do something that fills us with happiness??
If you don't love your job, quit it! Or change your point of view about your job. Look at it in a positive aspect! Write down the plus points and the service you do to people by your job and look at it everyday!!

Wake UP! Really!! Otherwise you'll probably get killed in an accident because somebody else got pissed off with your indicator sound....Hahaha....Just kidding, I really don't want that to happen to anyone....
But you will really get yelled at for being a stupid person, who shouldn't be given a bike to ride....(lol)

Yes, it is a long post, but I hope you find it meaningful and funny!

Hope you had a great day!

Lots of Love,
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S: Sorry for the troll faces, but I'm trying to put some pictures between my posts to make it a bit more lively...or colourful (though these are black and I could make a video about this..Pfft... jk...Byeee

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