My First Flight Experience

(I wrote this so long ago and it's time to put it out there!)


How are you doing?
Life treating you good? If yes, then enjoy it while it lasts. If not then take a break and relax and read this post!
This is a series kinda' thing, where I tell you all about my trip and the experiences.

Okay, let's start.

And please bear with all the brackets which are full of my viewpoints and opinions and inner voices!

I was excited for two reasons: one obviously being that I was going to USA - to another country - to THE United States dammit!, and the other, being it was my first time (ever) stepping into a plane. Yeah. Maybe not a big deal to you, but to me it was! I've not traveled even in a domestic airline! And all of a sudden I'm traveling 8000 miles to USA.

Our connecting flight to Dubai was at 4 am. A very early flight. I did not even sleep a wink. I probably should have. We left to the airport at around 1.00 am

And reached there by 1.45 am and bid goodbye to my dad, uncle and my cousin. Finally I stepped inside the 'infamous' Bengaluru Airport. Yup, they won't let visitors inside the airport, not even till the check in counter. Because they know we are very curious monkeys (no offense).

Everything went smoothly, as I had already checked in online (a big thanks to my friend for all the heads-up) and we had very little baggage. Then came customs. All along I was literally bobbing on my feet. And my mom was so patient (love you maa). Then we had to wait for an hour to board... I saw our plane dock into the terminal, through the huge glass walls to which I had glued myself to (see, this is exactly what I told about curiosity). Our seats were in the zone E and we were called to form a line by this handsome man (duh, the flight steward).

And so, I boarded the plane (woohooooo). We had window seats (yayyyyy) and I started checking out the ICE entertainment unit (the TV stuck in front of me, basically). I checked the flight information and all the cameras (there were only two), got them ready so that I could see (I have night vision, it seems) the ground when the flight took off. (What sincere preparations *lol*)
Then, after all the announcements and safety instructions (in dual languages, I tell you) the flight started to move.
Here's the thing though. For me whose never been in a flight before, I had no idea about the speed. Haha. Stupid me. Our flight was actually going to the runway from the gate. I was so excited that I thought - okay, this is not bad! What the hell were they talking about jetlag and all, the speed is good, I mean, this is the speed? What's so great about it? This will be a comfortable journey - yeah, these were my thoughts sitting on the airplane. Oh boy, did I not have the slightest idea of what was about to come.😂
So the airplane reached the runway, and there was another announcement that the flight is going to takeoff, 'happy journey ladies and gentlemen' and I was like 'let's just get on with it!' and then - oh my god! It was exactly like some huge force field just pushed me back. 'woahhhhh'. I was stuck to the seat. I think the pilot just pushed the lever to maximum in one go and the plane just gained so much speed!

That's when I finally realized - oh, so this is the true speed. Duh, you Dumbo - and I started laughing in my seat, at my stupidity. My mom asked me if I was alright and I couldn't answer her. (yes mom your over excited, dimwitted daughter is definitely alright).
We had a smooth take off and I could see the glimmering lights of the small towns of Bengaluru below, (through the window and not the camera) and then, we slept through the entire flight to Dubai... I was literally a dead sloth... I vaguely remember the air hostess waking us up to ask if we needed breakfast, and I just shook my head and hands... Trying my best to convey to her that we were fine... I must've mumbled no, no... Thank you blah blah *literally must've said blah blah* and continued to snore 😂😂
We were so sleep deprived...
Then we landed in Dubai...
Wowwwwww, even though I've not seen the city at all... Dubai is just amazing... Hot and humid and lovely... At least at the airport...
And do you know how organized and awesome Emirates people are?!
They escorted us, in a shuttle bus, from the airplane to the nearest gate so that we could catch our connecting flight. I was so mind blown.. The Dubai Airport was so huge that they literally had to shuttle us to our gate 😵 wowww.

So we went inside the gate and reached the connecting flights queue, joined it...
After the second round of security checks , we went to our flight's terminal and omg, yes I was waiting for this extra security check conducted by US officials...They took my camera and kindle...the lady even complimented me for my shoes! Score!
And then, the 15 hour flight to USA. Phew!! The first thing I asked my Bro when I met him at the airport (instead of hugging him, dumbo) was "How in the hell do you sit through such a long flight?!!! How!!???!!" 😂😂We were lucky to get a window seat even in this flight (I let Mom sit next to the window as before) and a US native sat next to me. Middle seat score yeah! . He was going home after touring 9000 miles of Africa! Wow!Instead of sleeping more and reducing my jet lag , I turned to watching movies because come on! I hadn't watched any in the past few months because, well, exams !! (that went well because later jet lag murdered me)

And the food! The foood!!! Let me be real when I say, the food sucked. Big time! I couldn't stand the smell! I had heard (again, from my good friend) that because we are at a high altitude, our senses don't work properly, so any food will taste bad.
ha ha ha. Nope. I don't think so. I got a taste of the 'canned'/processed food and it was not good at all.
Thank the lord for homemade chapatis.

So, the overall flight experience was really an eye opener.
And a few pointers for the next flight would be -

1) WALK as much as possible in the airplane, so that you won't get murdered by jet lag, again.
2) Take a book, a BOOK (don't depend on Kindle, because US freaking laws) so that you can read on the flight.
3) Take that head pillow? (what are those called anyway?) because those seats are a pain in the ass, pain in the everywhere!
4) Take some real food, if you don't want to eat the meals they give.

Oh, I forgot! The air hostesses and stewards. Oh My God! They are My jaws were dead on the floor, whenever I saw them. They are so confident and classy and Of course they're beautiful, duh. I won't insult them by even telling that. But apart from their beauty, they're really sweet. So sweet, it made me wonder whether they really liked doing their job or whether they were just faking it (yes, I went there).
And I was such an awkward brat, I couldn't pluck the courage to ask them for a photo! (there's more where that came from! you'll see)

Okay, that's it.
It's almost a year since my trip and I am posting this now. Ha ha ha.

Stay Healthy & Happiee,



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