Apart from music, the other thing I can't live without are books. I love reading. Diving into the world of enchantments, fantasies filled with faeries and magic and hidden powers or those with mysteries and clues and justice and romance..... *sighs*. I am lost in the genres of the books available in this world.

I love to read. When I was young (younger. get it? lol), I was so proud of myself that I was a book nerd (Let me tell you in advance that this was because I had read all the Harry Potter books and some of the books in my school library). Little did I know that there was a whole other world out there filled with so many amazing books, full of other worlds and such fantastic characters that (now) keep me awake at night.

I should reiterate that I am not bragging about my reading capabilities. Hell no. Compared to the wise people out there who have read, like 600 books roughly (goodreads stalking) I am nowhere. My reading list is not even reached a 3 digit number. 23 years of my life and I've not even read books that count up to 3 digits. Shame. But yes, in my family I am regarded as a 'reader' and my cousins (sometimes) come to me for book recommendations. (Okay, just one cousin. But I am so freaking happy that there's at least ONE).

Anyway, I found out about this huge reading geniuses through YouTube. There is a BookTube (not another website per say) but a community in YouTube, of readers who make videos about books - books read, to-be-read, reviews, spoiler reviews and reading vlogs and so much more. (My favourite being Sasha Alsberg).

So why am I telling you all this? I honestly have no clue. I just want to get it out.

As someone who reads and loves reading, I must say that it is both a wonderful experience and a sad one (for me right now, at least). I feel sad that I can't express my love for the books I read with someone, I can't discuss any book with anyone because nobody around me reads the books I read. That last one just....... gets to me, even though I try to brush the stupid thought away.

So, to HELL with this f**king sad feeling and YAY to moving on, being a grown-up and doing something about it.

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