Book Review: AVENGER.

Avenger - To inflict punishment or penalty in return for; to take vengeance on behalf of.


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Sooo, I am here today to give a book review! *self-applauds*
Yes, yes thank you!
If you know me, you surely must know that I love books. They are my Bae. My friends are always on stand-by whenever we are near a book store. They are ready to pull me away because I will not leave that spot and stop staring at the books. (Which is not wrong but I’ll be wasting their time too)
It is my dream to have my own library.

Anyway, the book I am reviewing is called “Avenger” by Frederick Forsyth.
It is not in any way related to the Avengers movie, so get that thought out of your head. It is infinite times better than that.
(Also, I really really wanted this book to be the first one I review in my book-review list.)

*sigh* where do I even start? This is one of my favourite books. I love this book. The plot, the story line, the plan, the revenge…..oh my god. AND it all comes together so beautifully. This brilliant writer leaves no strings apart and weaves the story in such an awesome way!

“A kind-hearted aid worker is killed in Bosnia, by a Serbian warlord. And his grandfather is a Canadian tycoon who has (obviously) the money to afford the best revenge.
So, he looks for help and finds out that it is not as easy as he thought. And he sends an ad for hiring the ‘avenger’, to get his job done.
The story follows how this ‘avenger’ named Cal, draws a net around the warlord.
Will he be successful in his worldwide hunt?”

This is the brief version, similar to the plot they have explained at the back of the book. But, the thing is that each character has a background story which is explained in great detail. And it is necessary, for the story to come together. You have to plough on through the detailed explanation, because it so worth it.

I cannot believe that this book has only a 3.8 stars on goodreads.
The people who gave less than 4 stars are probably idiots who didn’t understand the story at all, or maybe they didn’t notice the subtle hints and the giant plot twist at the end.

This book is one of the best books I have ever read in the ‘Political Thriller’ genre.
I definitely don’t want to spoil it for you, but please, you have to read this book.

The heart breaking part is that, two men, who went through the same difficulties together, end up having completely different lives. It is that difference which made me break down, when I realised it. (Don’t worry, this will not spoil your read because it is something I came up with, putting the pieces together, and it is nowhere written in the book. It’s kind of like an indirect message given by the writer)
Until the Epilogue, there is a suspense. The Epilogue is the epitome of the entire story. Don’t read the epilogue just because you got tired of the story. It is worth the read. Please, guys definitely read this book.

Okayyy…so that was my review. It is hard to give a spoiler-free review, especially in a suspense novel. But I tried my best. I hope you guys read it and those who do read it, please let me know what you thought and maybe we can discuss it together??? *grins wide*


Vivacious Inspirit.

P.S - I know! I know it's been long since I did not post! February just flew by like a bullet train! And I'm just standing here like.... 😲😲😲😲

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