Hard Hats.


How are you today?
How was your Sun Day? You probably were pulled along for some stupid function of some far relative whose name you don't even know, right? *laughs*
No. I seriously understand that. The plight of having a huge number of relatives which results in no-free-sundays.

Anyway, I've wanted to talk about this for a long long time and now that I'm here in Mysuru, I think it's time.
The traffic police here are super strict. Or they can't wait to stuff their pockets with money. (I think it is the latter) But they do seriously keep a check on two-wheeler riders wearing...a helmet.

Yup, yup. That's what I want to talk about.


A rider's headache and a pillion rider's frustration.

Here, in Karnataka (I think! Sorry for being poor in current affairs. On a completely different note, Pakistani soldiers have burnt schools in Kashmir. Stupids.) the traffic police have passed a law that even pillion riders should compulsorily wear a helmet.

And I can hear almost everyone grumbling,

"Great! Now, I have to spend more money for a helmet"

"Crap! My hairstyle will get wrecked"

"This stupid helmet is too heavy"

"One helmet itself is a burden and now two?!"

I am sorry to say, but all I have heard is negative comments about this. And please allow me to say this:
YOU. BIG. FOOL. You must've never heard of the proverb "Prevention is better than cure."

You must've NEVER been in an accident or an incident where you almost died/came across death (yours or maybe a witness to somebody else's)
You must be pretty CONFIDENT that NOTHING will happen to you when you ride without a helmet.

Enjoying the wind on your cheeks, while the dust and pollution go up your nose and in your eyes *wow* *claps*

First, let me humbly ask you: who do you think you are? God? Zeus? A super human? Do you have special powers that allow you to see the future?
Oh, then maybe you can also see me slapping the heck out of you. (just kidding)
so you can see everything in the future and avoid death by 'terrible accident' huh?
I say

I mean, as if we all know what will happen tomorrow.
Believe me when I say, you will never know what will happen tomorrow. One small thing will change your entire life.

I never believed this before - I thought it was all crap and had an attitude like I knew that everything would go on smoothly like everyday.
But, life just randomly throws a ball and you get knocked out.

I'm not saying that bad things will happen. *jinx jinx*
Of course I don't want that to happen to anyone, BUT WHAT IS WRONG IN BEING CAUTIOUS?

Take a weighing machine and on one side, let me put your life and on the other a helmet. So you all say lame comments because of a stupid helmet?? Your life is only of that much worth to you??

Maybe, maybe, you are the MOST careful rider in the whole wide world. But, can you say the same about the rest of them? And especially in Bengaluru? The lorry drivers don't give a damn what happens to anyone (they have their own frustrations and they show it beautifully in their driving)
Fate man. Deal with it. Can you say the same thing about your loved ones?

I'm not scaring you. Gahhhh! How do I put this?

AND have you seen the helmets these days? Oh. My. God. NO! they are not helmets. They are tortoise shells with straps attached. They are like the fancier (or the uglier) version of a birthday hat. WHAT PROTECTION DOES IT OFFER? So your scalp is fine, but your neck is broken. Wow. Genius. *claps* #Youstupid.

And ladies, don't even get me started. I totally understand the hair problems we face because of helmets but tell me, do you think your boyfriend will even LOOK at your perfect hair, if you have a broken hand or leg?
You wanted to impress him or the guy you like (oooo crushh...lucky you, I'm just swatting flies here) BUT you ended up hurting him (I mean hurting him by getting hurt yourself. Or not. who knows. )
Anyway, there are larger washrooms with mirrors in your workplace or colleges I'm sure, where you can go and redo your hair.

I just wanted to word my concern.
That's it.
I really hope you take it in the right way. And of course I'm not forcing my opinions on you. I'm wording them out. (rather strongly and sarcastically of course, but some people won't even understand what hit them in the face. Even if it's a direct sarcastic hit. *lol*)

Please think about it positively rather than the negative aspect.
The positives outweigh. [they have to, if you value your life.]

I don't want to hear deaths caused by not wearing helmets. There are deaths even though the rider was wearing a helmet. Hah. *sad*

that was my little rant about helmets.
hear ye, hear ho.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

I'm finally getting settled in my PG. It's been a month. It has been fun.
I've found my twin. *muhahahaha* *kidding* *jinx*

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

Lots of Love,

Yours truly,

Vivacious Inspirit.

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