It's been a month and 10 days! I am so sorry I kept you waiting... 😛

I seriously never thought that so many things could happen in a month. One month!  Just 30 days! 4 weeks!!
Come on!! What can happen in a month you say? Well, let me tell you...

The past month (or so) was.... I dont have a word for it (maybe I never will)  but I do have a whole lot of expressions. For example - "gahhhhhh"  or "bleghh" or "rawrrrr" or maybe all of them? Lol...
It was a frustrating month.

It still is. Kind of.

There are so many lessons I've learned and have my eyes opened in ways I cannot imagine. (lol again)

1.) Nobody, nobody, NOBODY can love you more than your parents. (there are exceptions, of course. Some people who adopt a child or guardians who look after kids like their own. These people are all included in my point.)
You should be grateful each and every day to have your mom waiting for you at home, cooking you hot meals and asking you how your day was (or out working hard for your sake AND doing all the work at home) ; and your dad who works so hard and comes home with treats and takes you everywhere...
You should be freaking grateful.

Because let me tell you. When you leave your home and go out, nobody will ever give a damn about you. It's true when they say "it's a dog-eat-dog world".

Yes, there are many friends you will make along the way who'll definitely be with you for life, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

(The minute I reached home, my mom made me hot dosas and asked me how I was doing and gave me all the little luxuries of home. Even a flick of my eyebrows had her asking "what's wrong?". I cried like crazy.)

Your parents know everything about you. Maybe they're harsh and screw you like crazy, but trust me, nobody will ever love you like your parents, nobody will ever know you like your parents.

2.) People don't mean what they say. They just talk crap for the sake of talking. I never knew that this was a thing to be concerned about. When it was confirmed that I would be going to Mysuru for MSc., all the people we knew who lived in Mysuru started saying 'come stay in our house'. It was like they didn't even know what they were talking about. Even this uncle, who's my dad's childhood friend, said 'come stay with us, it'll be fine'.

I mean, what the heck are you talking about? Do you even know what it means when you say that? I'll be staying for TWO years! Studying and going out for projects and I may come late or I may go out with my friends. You'll have to adjust according to my schedules too! You won't be free to do whatever commitments you have.
Okay, you may say that you'll adjust, but for how long? A week? or two weeks?
And then, you'll throw me out of the house saying 'you can't do it?'
Then what am I supposed to do? Go to somebody else's house? And again get thrown out after a week or two?
Should I be doing this or studying? HUH?!!

And this extends to all other topics. Only in dire stress or emergency do people mean what they say. Other times (meaning most of the time) -

People don't mean what they say.

3.) People are selfish. Freaking selfish. There's a clear and big fat difference between loving yourself and behaving like a donkey who thinks it's a unicorn.

Some people just, don't do anything and expect somebody to do it for them.

There are common courtesies and manners which are like 'common sense'  in my brain, but apparently common sense isn't so common these days. It is a rare species that has become extinct. (quoting my Bae Lilly Singh)
Oh my God! It boggles my mind to think that people still behave like sissies and talk crap about other people. I mean, we're 21!(how old are you? 30 or 40? Whatever the age) Grow up! Mentally!!
What are you? A 2004-mean-girls movie character?! Shut Up! And stop being a prat.

Stop being so selfish.

4.) Being a Leader is not my thing.
This is one lesson I've been taught time and again and I still think that I haven't learnt it yet.
And therefore, I've been taught again.
This time though, I won't forget it.

I am not an extrovert. Okay, I'm not a huge extrovert. I'm moody. As my friend once said, 'what are you? The weather of Bangalore?!', yup, I'm the weather of Bangalore 😂😂
I love meeting people and having fun and discussing topics and learning more about it.
But, I really really don't like it when people lie and put on faces. 'please keep your crap to yourself. Don't you think you can fool me.'
The only reason I always wanted to be a leader was so that I could meet new people and learn from them, and help my friends.
As it happens, my "friends" don't need such a leader. They want someone who'll whip their asses eventually.
I'll gladly give you what you want.

Being a leader is not my thing.

5.) But, against all of these, I've made such wonderful friends, that all of these sad, disturbing lessons take a back seat. They're so supportive and are the best people I've met so far. I'm truly grateful for them.

And also all my friends who are in Bengaluru. I miss you all so much.. Not a day goes by where I've not thought about what you're doing.
Just because I'm here doesn't mean I've forgotten everything. I've moved to another city. I don't have short term memory loss.
People who know me already know this fact that I'm bad at texting. I literally see the message but forget to reply.
(This even happened with my lecturer here. 😂 thank God I remembered and texted her back telling I've received the information.)
Oh shit, maybe I do have short term. *runs to the doctor* lol.
(and also I never never forget the people I've met. Dunno why I wanted to say that but there it is. 😂)

So there it is, my month in a glance? And my lessons 😛

I'm sorry again for not blogging. But I hope you'll understand since my month has been like that. 👆

I'll get back on track with my posts. So please do continue to give me your support.

Thank youuu.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happieeeeee.

Lots of Love,

P.S. : I've become a member of a blogging community called Niume. I was surprised and very grateful because I was contacted by them. For now, I'm posting my previous blog posts in the niume website, but I will post new ones in time.
Please do support me, in my new endeavor.

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