The Law of Nature

Charles Darwin discovered about Evolution in the 1800's. Evolution is change itself. If you take the time to observe everything around you, you can see the changes with your own eyes.

People change. Everyday. We learn something, every day. We subconsciously cultivate habits and little things from our surroundings (which is why it is said that your environment influences you or, show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are.)

Let me take my own example:

I am definitely not the person I was some...5 years back. I have definitely changed! And truthfully speaking, I am glad! I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that has brought me this far. I can compare my younger self to my current self and think ‘wow, who is that dingus? Was that how I was then? Thank god for evolution’ (lol) and maybe, in the future, I may compare my current self and think that the current me is a dingus too… But that will be because I would’ve learnt even more and my experiences would be magnified. And I would not want it any other way!

So, you see… my point is, everybody changes. You, me, the stupid person next door (who’ll suddenly not be stupid anymore) and everyone else. And what we should do is accept the fact, and embrace it and keep it in mind when we meet a person. The person you meet may be a complete stranger or your oldest, bestest friend. Whoever it is, they will have changed or they will change the next time you meet them. So please don’t just assume things about them. Change is good. We should celebrate it.

Please, sit down for a while, sit *lol* (it is okay to keep aside your work and records and everything else, for 20 minutes. They won’t go anywhere!) and make a list of all the things you’ve learnt, recently or how much you can remember. Or better yet, make a list of all your qualities. Good and bad. And think back on how you were before. How your thinking was before… I bet you, you will see a huge difference that will leave you totally dumbfounded.

But the down side to this is that, it will happen only if you’ve changed for the better and not for worst. If you HAVE changed for the worst, maybe you'll feel depressed or maybe not. (some people refuse to believe they've changed to the worse side..) And if you’ve not changed or you feel that you’ve gone down the path and become worse than before, you can always get back up, dust yourself and work hard to becoming better! It’s all in your thinking!
Being positive is up to you. Being negative is also up to you. And I know very clearly what the difference between being positive and being negative is like. And I'd rather be positive for the rest of my life and be happy, than be negative and whine all the time.

Okay, I hope this post made sense….

I’m just blabbering again huh…


P.S: Okay, that was just crazy! I had written this post long ago and I came across it now, and my mouth was just hanging down when I read the entire thing. Like 'who wrote this?!, Oh yeah, I did'. Dang! 
Anyway hellloooooo
How was your day?
Hope this post helped you in some way. (omg look at that rhyme *picks up a book and writes hypothetical poems* *lol*)

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of Love,


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