My Daddy Strongest!

DISCLAIMER: This post is my little rant. Kind of a rant, but more of an expression of my feelings. I will stress upon the point that I am a big follower of Lilly Singh ( go Team Super!) and that I really admire her principles of One Love, and I also follow them. BUT, I need to get this out and make some people out there get their priorities right. ( again! not that I am qualified to do it, but I hope this will send a message to them) Oh, and please forgive my language. I normally don't use such language in my posts, or in my life.
I am sorry Lilly, but I hope you will understand why I am doing this.


It's been a while!
I've been enjoying my holidays.....Sort of. *hehehe*
So Father's day was around the corner! Unfortunately, I wasn't home to update my blog, so here I am!
*muhahahaha* *evil grin* Oh, I have been waiting for Father's Day to come around soo long!!
I have some scores to settle. Just Kidding! lol...                   *I'm not kidding*
I really wanted to post about my Father too since I posted about my mom!
Soo *rubs hands together* *flexes neck* *evil grin*

My dad was born on February 29th, 1960... Jk, he was born on February 25th, 1960.... Jk again!
Well he was born in 1960, I'll keep the date a secret because my Dad doesn't like people wishing him just because they found out his birth date and that too on his birthday. They should put in some effort and remember it.
Anyway, I don't know much about his childhood, but I guess he was very mischievous. He grew up in a village (our native, Tarikere ) and then moved to Bengaluru.

My father is kind, honest and straightforward.

He is very kind. People never notice it (obviously, because our society thrives on negativity). He is always first in lending a helping hand.
I observed this during a social function. My dad was running around serving lemonade (waddup beyonce #lemonade reference...Too much iisuperwomanii lol) to everyone. He didn't have to. He could've sat down just like everyone else. There were many others (*sigh* our family is humongous) who should've done it. (including me...*shows all teeth*) But that's my dad. I wonder if anybody else remembers it.

He is honest. If he doesn't like something, he says it out loud. But, people think he's rude. They don't pay attention to what he's telling and definitely never understand why he's telling it. They never understand that it is for their own good.

He is straightforward because he doesn't want misunderstandings. Ah, but he is still always misunderstood.

He is hilarious. He definitely has the funny bone.

He doesn't tolerate lying and tardiness. He is punctual.
He lives by the philosophy ''Work is Worship''.
He loves surprising people.
He loves animals, especially cattle because in my grandpa's household they used to raise them. And of course, animals love him too! [I think they understand his kindness better than most people]
He is a disciplinarian.
He always has a thirst for knowledge. He observes everything. You go with him to a temple, he'll observe the structure. You show him a trick, he'll observe and find out how you did it.
He is a mechanic and he loves his tools. And he fixes everything, from water taps to circuit boards.

And, he has a temper. Yeah, yeah, I know! It is so damn easy to just point at a person and say 'short-tempered' but what the hell do you know?!?!
A ''temper'' is not something genetic. It is a bad habit.
I was fortunate enough to have two great friends who made me realize that I can control my temper and that it is definitely not a personality trait.
But, I think my dad was never told that during his formative years. Maybe because he was a 'boy', everybody around, let him grow up throwing temper tantrums around, [And the same people now say.......gahhhhh forget it.]
He himself understands that getting angry is not good. But, at that moment, the bad habit kicks in, I guess. And he shouts out.

Of course, like everyone else, my dad also has his share of bad habits. But, since I love Lilly and Robin Sharma, I know that it is better to always focus on the positive aspects of a person.

And because my dad is like this, I grew up to be who I am now. And I think I've turned out all right. *grins* *thumbs up weirdo club*

Please listen up, all you scoundrels who point your fingers at my father and talk crap; I will break your fingers and cut your tongue (hypothetically, of course). In reality, I will slap you so hard that a permanent mark of my fingers will remain on your cheeks.(no need of a contour then). You have no right to criticize my father.
If you don't understand his intentions, then don't come near him.
Learn to respect your elders and don't be so filthy selfish. brat.

[ROFL...You don't mess with the GKs *evil laugh*]

*breathes out*
woohoooo, that was about my dad.
I wanted to write about him mainly to let you all know what I think of him, and my annoyance towards people who just label him as a short tempered person. (just thinking about it makes me lose my calm....gahhhhhhhhh)
Maybe if my dad read this, he might laugh and say that he is none of what I've said above. But I'm sure that the few people who do know him, will agree with me.
I love you Dad!
I will stand in front of you and lash out even if the whole world badmouths you. But, I know that all other people out there in the world will definitely understand you.....
Thank you so much for everything!
Thank you so much for always sending me to school trips even if you disagreed.
Thank you for buying me a barbie doll.
Thank you for giving me a ride to my coaching classes.
Thank you for buying me a bike.
Thank you for letting me pursue my B.Sc
Thank you for always showing me the right path.
Thank you for always being there.

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

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