Count Them


It's been two weeks!
I know!
My exams are over.....Woohooooooo.....Nooooo...
This is just the beginning of what's yet to come....

Anyway....I'm sorry for not posting an update.... I will get it together and plan it!

I've finished a phase in my life. I'm a graduate now. I have a bachelor's degree in my hand. (well, mentally at results aren't out yet!)
I should be planning for the next thing. I should be out there doing something already.
But, I'm just blank..... Kind of static, right now.....

So, I was watching this show in Zee Kannada called "Drama Juniors" the other day, and for those of you who watch it, you know it is one helluva show. The kids are so so talented! Aarghhh... Such wonderful acting and expressions.....

In the previous episode of this show, there was one act, where the kids showed the struggle of having a physically challenged kid. It was a wonderful, heart warming act. I don't remember the exact 'syndrome' which they touched upon but the fact is that they brought out the emotions completely.
And the show also called out the students in the audience who were all part of a community.

Just that, that scene got stuck inside. It reminded me of the movie ''Taare Zameen Par'' and the tears just started flowing.....The teacher or the head of that community told that one fellow joined them when he was a baby, and now he is grown up to be a fine man. She even talked about the girl who won in the Olympics race....

It got me thinking..... Here I am, worrying about useless things, when I have so much to be thankful for! I have two eyes, nose and ears and my sense organs work fine! I have two legs and I can walk. I have both hands and I can do anything I want! I have a roof above my head! I have my family!! I have been blessed with the luxury of three meals (more than three, duh, come on!) and a warm bed and pillow. I have brains which work fine! More than fine!!
I have a mobile phone! I have internet! I have a hard disk! I have a pendrive! I have books!!! I have book shelves!!  (I'm not bragging!! But if I think of it this way, then I really really want to slap myself!)
Because! I have so much I should be thankful for! I have everything I need to plan out my future and here I am procrastinating and just sitting simply!! And after seeing those kids on the show, I realized how much stupid I've become!!

I mean, come on! seeing them working so hard, even the participants and the physically challenged kids, shouldn't we all feel ashamed? They are kids!!! They should be out there playing and getting their clothes dirty by rolling around in the mud!
The other kids....They should have a degree in their hand, with jobs and a salary!

They are all working so hard, and here you and me are... worried about something so worthless, it is actually stupid. We get angry at the littlest things and always thrive in negativity and procrastinate thinking that something will happen if we stay the way we are.... But nothing will happen, unless we ourselves want to change it.
Let me ask you, at this stage of your life, what have you achieved that you are satisfied about? What have you done that has genuinely made you happy? really really happy! What have you done, so that even if by accident (god forbid) something happens to you, and you're in a hospital bed, you can smile and welcome death, saying ''I've done it, take me with you....I've done what I've wanted to do"???
Isn't it frustrating?
And to top it off, we forget to look at the positive side of things. AND it helps. Positivity is the thin fabric which can bind and form an unbreakable connection. This connection will fire the neurons in our brains which will drive our creativity.
We forget to count our blessings. We forget to be thankful for being alive!

"Yes, I am alive and I am fit enough to do what I want to do. I have nothing to worry about because everything will work out in the end. But, that doesn't mean I should stay still. I should work harder and harder so that I will be closer to the result."

Now, say that out loud so that you mean it. Say it loud until you do mean it.

So that's what I wanted to say!
Start your day by smiling and counting your blessings. All the things you HAVE rather than those you don't. And live.
Start counting and you will surprise yourself.

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S: I do not watch TV too much, especially these ridiculous soap operas, but I do love reality shows, specific ones. Yes, I am choosy. You can't sue me. :P

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