The Love Circle.

[ Japanese; Mitsu means light ; Nao means honest  ; Akira means Intelligent]

It was just another day at school. Same old, same old. The building, the crowd, the gossip and the laughter.
'Hey, Nao! wait up!'
Nao turned back, smiling at the voice. 'Mitsu! Haha, I'm earlier than you. That's surprising!' she giggled.
'That's my line.' said Mitsu. 'So, did you complete the assignment?'
'Yes. Finally, the last one and we're free!' she said excitedly.
'Oh, so you're really excited about the upcoming school festival huh?'
'Aren't you?'
'Well, I'm not in charge of anything, so I'll just attend the festival. I'm thinking of calling Akira.'
'Oooo, you'll have a date then! Let's do our best' smiled Nao. It was their last year and this was going to be their last festival. Nao was really excited because she was selected as a volunteer for the festival. She couldn't wait to make new friends and awesome memories.
'Let's go. It's almost time for the bell.' said Nao, pulling along Mitsu.
With the amount of work to be done for the festival, everyone had to jump in and help the Committee members. Volunteers and non-volunteers alike. They were cleaning the classrooms and prepping the blackboard, along with others.
'What do you think?' asked Nao, at no one in particular, looking at her art on the blackboard.
'It's great. Wow, you draw very well.'
Nao turned around and saw a boy. He was smiling broadly.
'Mmm...Thanks...?' she said confusedly. Never seen him before, she thought.
'I'm Jack' he said. 'You're beautiful and you draw well!'
Um. What. Excuse me? Who are you? Shut your face..... were the thoughts going on in Nao's head.
'Jack!' called a girl. 'There you are!! I was looking everywhere for you, baby' she said as she came closer and pulled him away. Thank god she did. Nao didn't know what to reply for his senseless way of introducing himself.
The festival was in two days. It was chaotic everywhere. The teachers and students alike were excited as well as tensed. They had to make sure the main chief guests were tended to and that they enjoyed the festival. Nao was running around doing whatever was assigned to her. She would spot Jack, somewhere along the way, most of the time, talking to a girl. He would turn and smile, waving at her. She would do the same. Well, it didn't hurt to be kind.
And she knew that she couldn't judge a person just because of one conversation.
But, they were assigned to the same jobs often and so, she would meet him along the way and had to make some sort of conversation with him. He was good, she thought. Straight forward and funny.
And never alone. He was always with his gang of boys, who were also good people. Nao was happy that she was getting to make new friends.
Finally, the day of the school festival arrived. Nao was assigned to help at the food stalls. So she did her best, and had a great time. She laughed, ran around, tasted the food and cleaned as much as she could. The other volunteers helped her too.
'Hey, Nao!' called Mitsu.
'Ah! Hey! How's it going? How are you Akira? Do you like the festival?' asked Nao, looking at Mitsu's boyfriend.
'Yes. It's very good. You're doing a good job!' he smiled.
'Thank you.'
'You should've seen her the past week. She was literally a skeleton, with the amount of running around she did' laughed Mitsu.
'Hahahaha....True, but it's all worth it, if the festival comes out well' said Nao.
'Well, we'll go around and look at the other programs' said Mitsu.
'Have fun! I'll see you later!' Nao shouted.
'Who's this?'
'The one in this picture.'
'That's my best friend Mitsu' said Nao.
'Wow, she's a bomb!' said Jack. Really. Boys, Nao thought.
'I know she is.'
'She's beautiful.'
'I know.' How many times will you say the same thing?
'Does she have a boyfriend?'
'Yes, she does.'
'Really?'s fine' he grinned.
'Fine for what?' Nao asked.
'Nothing.' he replied.
Oh well, she had to make sure whether the food reached the guests so she left Jack, hanging with his ''nothing''.......
The festival ended with a great success. Everybody was happy with the results.
Nao was on Cloud nine. She had met lots of new people- juniors and her classmates from other subjects, and had had lots of fun with them.
She couldn't wait to tell about it to Mitsu.
She also was dying to hear how Mitsu's date went.

'It was very nice.' said Mitsu.
'ohhhh really?? What did you guys do?' asked Nao, a wide grin on her face.
'Stop thinking stupid things. We walked around and saw the programs and ate food and went back. That's it'
'Well, that's what I meant too' said Nao.
'Yeah yeah, I know' smiled Mitsu.
Nao was happy for her. Mitsu had worked hard for this.
Even after the school festival ended and classes resumed, the volunteers were still called to hand in their reports and to finish up some of the remaining tasks.
So, Nao kept meeting Jack, and every time they did meet, he would ask of Mitsu.
She wasn't that naive. She knew that he had a crush on Mitsu. But, she didn't mind it too much. She had already told about him to Mitsu and she was the least bit interested. She laughed thinking of Mitsu's reaction. 'Who? Tell him to mind his own business' she had said.
When it came to such things, Mitsu was really mature and responded level-headedly.
Nao was just happy with her new friends.....That was enough....
It was almost evening. The classes had ended and Nao and Mitsu were heading home, chatting animatedly.
Nao turned around to see Jack, leaning against the wall.
'Hey' she said. 'Ah, Jack, this is Mitsu. Mitsu, Jack'. That's what he had wanted she thought. He had been pestering her to introduce him to Mitsu. Well, the ball was in Mitsu's court now.
'Hello. I've heard a lot about you from Nao.' said Jack.
'I'm sure you have. Even I've heard a lot about you too' Mitsu said, with a plastic smile plastered to her face.
Nao was trying her best to control her laugh. That's Mitsu. She smashed it, without battling an eyelash.
They talked as they headed back home.
Later, after jack had left, Nao turned to Mitsu, awaiting her answers.
'Well, well, one look at that guy and you can know that he's a big flirt.'
Nao laughed. True, she thought. But......why hadn't she realized this??
The days passed by..... And Nao missed the festival. She had enjoyed it too much and whenever she met her friends in the corridors or the grounds, she would smile and run to them. And often, she noticed that her eyes would search for Jack. Weird. If she spotted him, she would smile broadly. Whether he looked back or not, she felt happy just looking at him.
What was this though? She didn't know anything about him. But, she wanted to. She wanted to be his friend. Hmm... ah, yes. There's the word. Affection.
She told this to Mitsu, and Mitsu was all hysterical.
'You like him!! you like him!'
'Huh???? Whaaat??? No way!' Nao laughed. 'I don't even know him! He's nowhere near my expectations of a boyfriend.'
'You say that, but you still like him though' Mitsu said. 'It's not a bad thing. Just enjoy the feeling.'
Nao couldn't win this argument. But, she knew she didn't like Jack. No way. Bleghh...
Now was not the time for such things. She had to concentrate on her future. And she knew her feelings toward him were not that way. Not even a least bit.
'Hey, can you give my number to your friend and ask her to text me?' asked Jack.
'Hmm...I don't know. I'll ask her' Nao said. In her mind, she was already half-dead from laughing. She knew what Mitsu's answer would be. Did Jack think that her personality was cute and sweet and doll-like? He was so wrong.
'Huhh?? Who the hell does he think he is? Why should I text him?? I don't even know him.' shouted Mitsu.
'Hey, so shall I give your number to him? He'll definitely text you though' Nao said.
'Yeah, that's better. That's what he should've asked in the first place. Let me see what he'll text. That bastard '
Nao laughed, thinking about it. See, she knew Jack was into her. She didn't feel bad. But, it was sad that he didn't talk to her as much.....

'So, did he text you yesterday?' asked Nao.
'Don't remind me. That bastard! He didn't let me do my homework. Texting on and on and on. Who does he think he is!' said Mitsu furiously.
'Hahahaha, does Akira know?' Nao felt bad for a moment. She didn't want to come in between them, or let anybody else.
'Don't worry about Akira. He's far more intelligent and understanding. He won't say anything. He'll agree with me. And he'll laugh at Jack's face' said Mitsu, proudly.
'I agree.' laughed Nao.
And the texts continued... Mitsu wouldn't respond to most of them and Nao couldn't help but laugh at Mitsu's outbursts.
'Hey, Nao' said Mitsu one day.
'I met Jack the other day.' said Mitsu.
'Yeah? What did he say?'
'Nothing, we just talked for a while. And in the flow of words, I conveyed it to him, that you like him.'
'What? What did you do? Huh..... Why?' asked Nao.
'Well, he just understood what I was trying to say......... and he said that he didn't see you that way.'
'Oh.....okay. Hahahaha...It was something we knew all along' Nao said.
She was stunned on the inside. Her brain just stopped working. She didn't know how to react. She didn't know what to do.

But, most of all, it hit her like a lightning bolt, that she was so, so naive to expect something like friendship, from Jack, of all people. She was so stupid to think that he also wanted to be her friend. She was annoyed and irritated at herself for having such expectations. Why didn't she realize it before? He was a shameless flirt. He didn't care about friendship. Not with her, at least. He had talked to her for so long just because she was Mitsu's friend.......The pieces of the puzzle finally fit.

Ah... it all came back to this, thought Nao, as she said her byes to Mitsu. Not all people you meet, think like you do. Not all people want to make friends and have fun and make lots of memories, thought Nao. Because, everybody thinks differently. Some people come into your life, just to teach you lessons. She guessed that that jackass was one of them. And, she was actually very grateful for Mitsu. If not for her, she wouldn't have been able to realize this.
That Jackass. Jackass. Jackass. Jackass. JACKASS.
Nao wiped her tears as she headed home.


(To my fellow Inspirits, sorry guys, I only took the name 'Jack' that Chiyaa suggested. I'm so sorry. But there is a reason why I selected 'Nao' and 'Mitsu' for the two characters. I'm sorry again.)

That was a short story I've been wanting to post... The title was in my mind for a long time... I thought of making it 'The Love Maze' but I don't know, 'circle' just kind of stuck on.

I hope you like the story. Please let me know what you think.
I had lots of fun, while typing it. I was imagining the kind of reactions given by Nao and Mitsu. *rofl*

Lots of Love,
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S. : I LOVE the name Akira...It sounds so nice..There are so many Japanese names which sound very peaceful.....

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  1. Why you say sorry? Author has the right to choose their character name hehehe this is nice eonni, I love it and I love the plot the most! So simple but deep into my heart 💞



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