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It's been two weeks...
Sorry for not posting.... I had my exams and I was definitely relaxing....*lol*

Well, since this is the exam season and the results are being declared for the 10th grade and PU students, I thought of writing about my experience and my choices....

From what I remember, the first dream I ever had (dream meaning an ambition) was to become an artist. I mean, painter. I loved painting. Then after a while, since I loved history, I wanted to become an archaeologist. Digging and finding historic stuff...sounds so cool. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to take Arts, in my PU. My mom laughed, telling 'Arts' is for failures, for people who are not intelligent enough to take science. I did not know then, that it was not my mom who thought that way but, it was what the society had filled up, in her brain.
My next dream was a teacher. Ah, how I loved teaching and making people understand.
That was the last, I guess....But later, in my PU I realized how much I had fallen in love with Biology, with Plant science and that was why I took up B.Sc.

I was a rank student in my school days. Though, now if I think back about it, I feel stupid because the portions were a joke. But, yes, for my age, I was intelligent.
Everybody expected me to get a great rank in my 10th grade. I could feel it, even in their conversation. ''Hey, you'll do fine! Don't worry! You're a rank student!! You're so intelligent, you'll do it...It's easy for you isn't it?''
Well, I did get a good rank and I got into a good college too....But I think, around this time, I started to lose interest. Maybe because my environment changed or because the portions were too hectic, I realized that, the thing I could do easily, I couldn't do anymore. I couldn't 'score marks' by just studying. It wasn't ''easy''.
But, I worked hard. I finished my PU and CET....
My parents wanted me to take up engineering, my brother told me to take up medical. I had already decided to pursue Bachelor of Science. I loved biology and I couldn't learn about it in engineering. And I knew that I couldn't do medical. I was not confident about it.
So, here I am, in my final year of B.Sc. I was stubborn and I didn't back down on my decision.

Now, I am at another point in my life where I have to decide and choose my next path.
I am at a standstill and my mind is completely blank. I'm still wavering....I'm still not confident in my own abilities....I realize that I am still too dependent on others. I don't have the courage to take a decision...Gahhhh.... I should stop. *stop the negativityyy*
Even now, my mom says, WHAT IF, WHAT had taken up engineering, you could've easily applied for masters...Even I think that way sometimes.....
As Robin Sharma says, stay away from negativity. It's actually hard when the whole society is negative.

What I want to say, is that, even though we are in the 21st century, our society is not. I am damn sure that all parents think that engineering or medical is the only way to survive in this world. I am not saying they are wrong. Of course, it is an awesome job. But, it's not the only thing that's out there!! Will you please imagine for a minute, how the world would be if everybody was only an engineer or a doctor?? Are you stupid? What would we do for food? what would we do for entertainment? what would we do for vaccines? (excuse me, but scientists invent vaccines not engineers)
There would be no shops or shopkeepers, no bakeries, no pastries, no chats..... I guess the whole business world wouldn't exist. All banks and finances and secretaries... Wow.
There would be no museums full of art, no sculptures, no beauty.
NO music! No swimmers, no Olympics or cricket or football....
How would you like that... *all football fans will die*

And it is hard to convince them. You can't.
So please, before you take up a decision, think, think a 100 times. PLAN.
Plan your whole life.
There are many other ways to live your life other than becoming an engineer or a doctor. And I assure you, the pay is also good.
I want to eradicate this low thinking that the society fills in our minds, telling only engineers or doctors are respected. An engineering degree has a different level than a BSc  degree. Bull shit.
(and damn you USA, for undermining a three year degree course! You think we did not work hard for these 3 years huh??!!! *grrrr*)
DON'T LISTEN. Don't listen to what everybody says. Even if it is your own parents. IF they tell you to do what you want, to pursue whatever you want, then hell yeah! Give them a big hug and kiss 'cause they are awesome parents! (I mean which parent will come and say, follow your dream, go do whatever you want. I'll be here for you, talk to me if you're lost...AND not scream their heads off)
But, I guess all parents are not like that. They tell you what the society has been telling them.
SO, don't listen. Take your time, find out what it is you want. What your dream is, what makes you truly happy. Then, go do that.
IF you truly love engineering, then take it up! Be it computers or civil or mechanical or whatever. IF you truly love to be a doctor and save lives (and hate sleeping and want to be awake for the rest of your life *lol*) then, take up medical....
IF you love accounts and finances and all that then take up B.Com. (I'm sorry, I don't know much about this field, but if you have passion then isn't it fine!)
IF you love Ayurveda, take up Ayurveda
IF you love history, take history.
IF you love swimming, go swim!
IF you love to sing, go sing!
IF you love playing piano, then play it!
IF you love science, then take up science.

BUT, the most important thing is that, you need to plan it out. Don't procrastinate and put everything to the last moment. AND you should also work hard. If you want to be a swimmer, go join a team, work hard, participate and gain experience and then, one day you will definitely be standing in an Olympic stadium. If you want to be a musician, then join a class, learn piano, or join an academy, participate and practice, practice and one day you will stand in front of a concert and feeling so content with yourself...


And lastly, if you're like me, who doesn't know what to do.....then slap yourself. Go find out out what it is that you want. (I know, it is hard). Ask yourself what it is that you want, what makes you truly happy and then do it.

Don't be afraid. It's time, my dear, to come out of the cocoon. To come out of the sheltered life. You need to learn to become independent and take your own decisions.
You need to broaden your perspective and learn. Learn more about yourself and more about this world...

I know some people are lost and feel like they have no one to properly guide them....They don't get what their teachers are trying to say and everybody else is throwing their own opinions at them...
For those people, if you have any clarifications, I am always here... I'm here...

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


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