Sexual Harassment.
Something every girl- many cases, even a boy!- undergoes till she dies or becomes old I guess. I don't think there are people who feel up even old ladies ( except in The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot ).

The thing about this heinous monster is that it happens, when you least expect it. Believe me, I know. (unfortunately) And it leaves another scar inside, a bad memory which is very,very hard to forget. On top of this, your whole day is ruined, destroyed because of this disgusting experience.

Once you realize that the world is cruel like this, you make up your mind to be ready and stamp it down if something remotely as this happens again. But, life catches us off guard. Bummer.

What is even more dumb is, if the person who is harassing you is a family member. What Hell to go through. My sympathies to her/him being harassed, are not enough. Forget about teens or pre-teens. What about small children? What will you do if you are being touched in places by someone you thought was your uncle, like your protector?? The child will be so frozen that it will not know what to do, let alone tell that bastard to stop.

My anguish rises like a volcano against those MONSTERS who do this. Are they not satisfied with their sex lives? Don't they have the basic nature of self-control? If that is the case, let them hook up with a prostitute.(Please forgive my rude words, but it needs to be said.) Why do you want to feel up your own cousins and some teen? Are you really human? You call yourself a human? It is very shocking.

I think if we keep quiet about it, nothing will happen. We need to find a way to shut the crap of all these monsters who hide in our society. We should be aware at all times, and be brave and confident enough to stand up to this.
But is it enough? As I mentioned earlier, when life throws this unexpectedly at you, how do you react? What do you do? How do you escape the situation??

I hope I will someday get the answers to these questions...........

Stay Healthy, Be Happy and Live Out Loud.

P.S.-I really want to hug INFINITE. Very badly.

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  1. I always crying everytime I find article about kid harassment. That's so disgusting and why the hell they do that to little kid that know nothing. It hurting my feeling so bad. I'm so mad with that monsters.



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