Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day!
And two days for my final exams.... *hehehehe*
This is a break from studies..... So, how are you doing? How is life treating you? How are you coping? Bored of doing work? Then, get out and enjoy the nature..... Also, read my blogs. *lol*

In this post, I would like to talk about my mother. MY mother.

Everybody says their mothers are fantastic. That they are the best. There's a saying that goes, ''there may be a bad child, but there never is a bad mother'' or something along those lines.....
I don't know about others. But, I can confidently say that my mother is the best.
Of course, I'm the second child. So, I was pampered by her (and everybody else, which is why I'm a brat now,hahaha). Wow, but that doesn't mean they don't love my brother. Sometimes, I think my parents love him more. Well.....the problem of all siblings.. *lol* JK.

My mom was born on October 27, 1967. I don't know much about her childhood, but I've heard my grandparents say that she was very quiet and obedient. Which I can believe without a doubt. But, I think she was funny too. During those times, there was no cell phones and such. So (this is a story I've heard form my granny) once, my mom's friend had pulled her along to a movie. There were no buses as often as now, either and my mom was scared as hell. She refused, but still...(I think her friend was very bossy). Anyway, she came back late and was so scared of her parents screwing her. But my grandparents understood. My granny told me that they were so worried about her, that they went looking for her.....
And my mom herself has told me very little about her school days...I've heard her telling that she used to walk back with her big gang of friends, from the college to the bus stop (My mom studied in MES too...so...). She told that when I complained about walking from the college to the bus stop. *kekeke*
Oh, my Mom was beautiful. (unlike me and She still IS). She had flawless skin and I wonder if anybody was bold enough to tell her they liked her. *hahaha, okay I'll stop with the useless thoughts* I guess some things do remain a mystery. One day, I'll take the courage and ask her.

Anyway, flash forward to now.
From what I know, I can say that my mom has worked very hard. She has endured so many things till now. She has worked really hard. I salute her for her endurance. She also gets hurt, like me, when some people don't understand her. She tells me everything. All I can do is listen.

I can't bear watching her cry. I can tell when she's sad and angry. And I can even see her controlling her tears. So, I cry too. I can't help her in anyway. That frustrates me even more. All I can do is work hard and lead a good life, because that's what she wants.

I'm more scared of her than my dad. *lol* I understand my dad scolds me for my own good. My mom does that too. But, she's lethal. She uses her words in such a way that it's like an arrow to the heart. It hurts and hurts. She uses sarcasm and tells me whatever I had declared in the past, and asks whether what I am doing now is true to what I said.

And like all stupid children, I take out my anger on her. But, isn't she perfect? She bounces and comes back. Even though I might have shouted in anger, she always understands. She is the only person who has never, NEVER told me that I am short tempered.

I blast k-pop music all around the house and even then, she is the only person who has NEVER ever told me to stop doing this. Even my grandparents, my dad and my brother tell me to turn it off. But, not my mom. You don't know how happy I feel. I feel accepted. [After I came to know about k-pop, I really wanted my brother to understand. More than anybody else, I wanted his support. Even if he didn't listen to k-pop...........Eh, well.......I can't force him. But still....] ( Bro, if you're reading this, then :P  *merong*)

And my mom is funny. Nobody knows this. My relatives don't believe me, but I know. When my mom is relaxed and happy, she is funny. In the way she talks. You'll have to experience it to know. hehehe....
She loves sweets. Even if she has toothache. She loves her Dusshera Dolls. She is particular about Cleanliness. Yup, that's where I get the clean-freakiness from....She loves her plants.....

She taught me how to write, told me to have my own handwriting instead of copying others. She taught me how to talk to others. She teaches me everyday. She tells me when I do something wrong. She doesn't scold me, she tells me calmly with her reasoning. And that leaves me even more awestruck. And with experience, I can say, hands-down, whatever she tells is true.
I had forgotten to take the umbrella when she reminded me and I came home drenched. If she tells me something will happen, it will happen. *jinx jinx double jinx, triple jinx quadruple jinx*

And so, Maa.. Thank you for everything.
I love you more than anything.

And also, I know that many people out there do not have the fortune of having a mother. (They might have lost both parents or maybe their mother or father)
To them, there are no words, no gift, no gesture which will comfort them. No matter how much I/we tell them that they are loved, they don't have anything to worry about, the feeling is different from a 'mother'/a parent.
Because, nobody can replace a person. Because, we are all different in our essence itself. A person's true nature is so unique, that's why it is irreplaceable.
So, to those lonely souls, I want to give you a big, warm, bear hug. A tight hug. And say, you are doing awesomely well. I don't know where your parents are, but if they are with God, and they are watching you, I am damn sure that they will be so proud of you. They will be looking after you, like guardian angels. If you ever feel lonely, I am here. I am here. I am always here.

And to my mother, (even though she'll never read this...)
This is the song which I dedicate to you.
This song is my mother's caller tone.
Because the song perfectly tells whatever I want my mother to know.

(Thank you) I can’t express with words
(Thank you) I’m here because of you
You always embraced my young and immature self
(Love you) Words I couldn’t tell you
(I love you) I’m finally telling you now
Now I know your heart and how you always believed in me
And I know, Yes I know, you always look to me
And I know, Yes I know, even if the world turns away
Love you mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
I endlessly shed tears when I think about you
Love you Mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
Now I’ll be your strength and return that bright smile
And you know, You know,
You know, I love you, I thank you
(Thank you) Wherever you go, don’t be small
(Thank you) Because I’m standing right behind you
Even if your back is hurting or your eyes grow dim
(Love you) Words I’m so bad at saying
(I love you) Finally, I’m saying them
You’re the prettiest in the world, I’ll place you in my eyes
Look at me, don’t rush anymore
Lay down your heart, it’s alright now, slow down
Because of your endless love, your unchanging love
I am here today
Thank you Mother, I love you

Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/super-junior-de-mother-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz485KfccTW 

Ahhh, awesome song......*bawling my eyes out*
Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love.
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy..


P.S: JK means just kidding. :P
AND, Nam Woohyun's first solo album is out.....( He is Infinite's Lead Singer. So, that pretty much tells, about his awesome voice ) And you know me...*internally screaming*

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