10 Reasons why I am the Right girlfriend for Charlie Puth

Haha that's a mouthful!

How are you today?

Well, I came back from a trip across South India and I have been taking some downtime.
And obsessing over Charlie Puth's music.

*sighs* Charlie Puth. C h a r l i e  P u t h.
What? Where am I?

Real talk though, I have been watching his interviews these past few days and I am just dumbfounded. He is genuine and such an amazing person!
Not that I know him, but from what I've seen (like everybody else) I feel he's very down-to-earth and humble.

So without further ado, here are 10 reasons why I would be the right girlfriend for Charlie Puth.

  1. I LOVE HIM. Duh, what more is needed? *rofl*
  2. I could listen to him talk about music and production all day. No complaints there. Even him telling about the pitch every random sound makes is fine by me.
  3. I have learnt music pretty much my whole life. (Even though it is Carnatic Classical) So I think we would have very interesting conversations.
  4. I would have a mentor if I ever go wrong in pitch. *lol*  And I am all for it.
  5. I am bad dancer too, so we would both be rigid on the dance floor and laugh our asses off.
  6. Charlie says he's shy and I am very loud (conditions apply), so we would make a great combination. Also, sense of humor is something we have in common too.
  7. I would get his mother's permission. (OMG this should be the first point!! And I had a dream about it so there's a valid reason for this! you don't wanna know)
  8. I would love to break down songs together with him, exchange ideas and thoughts about the music.
  9. I would respect his privacy. And would take him out where he could walk around normally like everyone else. *brainstorms places*
  10. I would understand and accept his flaws.

And many many more......


All jokes aside, I really love the guy (even though there's so much I don't know about him - let us not even go into that dark corner) and I'm gonna work hard so that I can meet him one day.

And so, Congratulations on the new single "How long has this been going on?" :) :)
Wishing you all the success and happiness baby.
Looking forward to your new album.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happpieeee

Yours truly,

Vivacious Inspirit.

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