Inspired by the chocolate 'kisses' and the amazing novel 'November 9' by Colleen Hoover.


  • A sweet kiss
  • A soft kiss
  • A funny kiss
  • A cute kiss
  • A grumpy kiss
  • A delightful kiss
  • A tender kiss
  • An affectionate kiss
  • A true kiss
  • A yummy kiss
  • A mesmerizing kiss
  • A jealous kiss
  • A passionate kiss
  • A deep kiss
  • An intense kiss
  • A longing kiss
  • A sexy kiss
  • A moaning kiss
  • A hungry kiss
  • A sinful kiss
  • A hot kiss
  • A kiss that leaves you breathless
  • A kiss that begs for more
  • A kiss that leaves you weak in the knees
  • A ''butterflies-in-my-tummy'' kiss
  • A kiss that brings goosebumps
  • A ''book-worthy'' kiss (November 9 reference)
  • An 'I love you' kiss
  • A 'welcome back' kiss
  • A 'goodbye' kiss
  • A kiss to be remembered
  • A kiss that says it all
  • A kiss worth waiting for

Start kissing!!!! *woohoooo*

Stay Healthy, Stay Happieee


Vivacious Inspirit

P.S. - The above written sentences are all out of my brain alone....Except the ''book-worthy'' kiss. But feel free to use them in your sentences because why not? They're all adjectives.

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