Let's talk! (Post 1)

I'm backkk.....*cough* *cough* (with a fever)
YEAS people....talk to me.....
LOL.....As if!
The day you come out of your invisibility cloak and honestly tell me your feelings when you read my posts then, I'll reply to your texts on Whatsapp....
It's fair I think?
I mean, how will I know who's reading my posts ....when I don't get a single response..  and some of my friends expect me to be on the tip of my fingers when they send a random message....

I'm kidding,I'm kidding...I've learnt that pressurising people will never work out...so take your own time...and I'll go on in my own pace.

Okay...sooo let's talk!

As you already know that my posting of blogs is very dependent on my mood,today I just want to talk... About random things going on in my life ...(feel free to butt in and tell me about your lives too)

1) Recently, I'm obsessed with poetry... like really really obsessed. I've always loved my language  classes and there's something beautiful about poetry..... it's words. I know. But sometimes, words have a special impact.
This craziness started suddenly when I was actually searching for this book 'Love Letters of Great Men' which (as many of you know)  comes in the movie 'Sex and the City'. I got to know that it's a fictitious book! (WTH! Mind boggled). So I was like, I'll make my own collections of poems about love. So that's what I doing. Hehehe

2) I'm not asking for your pity or sympathy. I'm not doing this so I'll get loads of texts telling me to "take care". I am taking care!
I don't know the source but I'm sick again. I was sick last week and then, I'm sick now. I seriously want to put my hands inside and massage my throat into getting well. (As gross as that sounds) Oi, you small tonsils!! Get better!

3) I miss home. I miss home so much. I'm here but still, I miss home. My friend is currently pursuing her medical degree in Chitradurga, and when I met her, she said that she hated looking at the windmills which line the city. It reminds her that she's away from home and she feels lonely looking at that.....
But for me, I love looking at the luscious green fields .....My train journey to Mysuru is beautiful. It's the later part that makes me dislike it.
The weather - I thought that Mysuru had a good weather...but no. It doesn't. No way. It's like a hot air oven. It is so hot! And let me tell you that I strongly dislike the heat. I've always loved the cold. (But I can't choose between fire and ice. Both are such good elements for a super power 😝). One minute outside in that weather gets me sweating like I've just come out of a swimming pool. This is the reason I feel like napping in the afternoon. And also the reason why I don't have time. *sings* I blame thee sunny weather...
BUT, here's the flipside. The night gets foggy too. It's like two extremes! My clothes don't get dry if I wash them in the evening. If I wash them in the morning, they'll be burning by afternoon.
So it's like - wear the wet clothes or the burning ones. *sighs a long sigh*
(I should probably name this post as 'my PG life' 😅)

4) As I was coming home, this thought occurred to me. I feel like I've been beaten black and blue. By what? I have no idea. Maybe god, or nature, or the curses of my friends, or maybe even the devil.
I bumped my head hard the other day..and now I can't comb my hairs, and even my neck hurts.
I've joined a yoga class and that fricking instructor wanted us to do everything, on the first day. We've joined another branch ,but anyway, I blame that bastard for my knee pains. I really have a black mark on my knee. And it hurts. *mommy* 😩 (I'll kill him someday).
I seriously have no idea HOW, but I've got cuts on my hands.... If I was a sugar patient, I would be limb less by no time 😂 *jinx jinx*
My toes hurt... I dont know what I bumped into (yes.. I bump my toes to things.. And completely forget about it and then later suffer with the pain... Bwahahahaha) 
And add to this my fever...  What a great combination. 
So yeah... Life has physically beaten me black and blue in the boxing ring and so here I am, recovering from it.. 
The next round will start in a few days and I should be ready again, right? 

(well another lesson I should learn is that I need to take care of myself!) 

And that's that. 
Please jump in and let me know what's going on in your life as well... 
And has some of these things happened to you before? Is it happening now? 
For me it's like life always send me the lessons until it's imprinted in my brain. So what about you? 
What has life been teaching you? 
Let me know.... 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.. 

Stay healthy, Stay Happieeeeee. 

Lots of love, 


  1. Well your experiences of life away from were experienced by me too.But I think you've coped very well.Being in sight of your goal is very important and not let such factors affect you.

    1. Thank you!
      I hope that at least this year, I don't lose sight of my goal.



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